01 March 2011

Search Engine in Internet

What is Search Engine ?

Search engine is a database that store links to web page and keyword or frase. When you type a word 'Kelantan' at Google or Yahoo! the search engine will search the keyword that entered in the database. When the keyword 'Kelantan'  found, all the web page that is refered to 'Kelantan' will be displayed.
Internet searching services can be categories as directories and search engine. Yahoo! is a directories service not a search engine. What make the difference between search engine and directories services is database for directories services cointain all the list of web page that entered by internet user while the database for search engine is arrange by spiders search. Spiders use to collect all the infomation that cointain in the web page. When the spider software entered to any web page it will do a prosess called crawling or spidering. In this proses spider will collect all the word or frase that cointain on the web page and this word will be indexs to its database. This concept know as indexing.
When someone use a search engine services and key in any words, the search engine will compared the word with it database. When the matching word or nearest word is found the result will be displayed.

Example of search engine is :

1. Google.com
2. MSN.com
3. Ask.com
4. Altavista.com
5. MetaCrawler.com

Click any of above serche engine to try.


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