26 September 2010

How to Dress Modestly As a Muslim Girl

Dressing modestly without being made fun of is a big challenge for girls of the modern era, especially if you’re a Muslim girl. This article will prove this previous sentence wrong! For reading steps, tips and warning of how to dress modestly as a Muslim girl keep reading further.


  1. Wear proper hijab. This means that you must cover everything apart from your face and hands, the clothing must be loose and not revealing the shape of your body, it must not be see through, it must not be too eye catching and it must not resemble the clothing of a man. Wearing it is a command by Allah, we have to obey this rule.
  2. Do not wear make-up in front of any non mahram males, that includes in laws. Do not leave the house wearing make-up. During Eid, using sparkly lip gloss, eyeshadow, and lipstick is perfectly fine. However, using a little makeup is okay as long as you don’t abuse your right to wear it. However, there are still debates about whether or not you’re allowed to wear it. Since there’s no obvious answer, follow the tips above. If you’re not sure about wearing it outside, that’s okay, but you can wear it in front of a mahram.

    • Hijab is not just the headscarf. This is a common misconception. Skinny jeans, see-through clothes, and tight t-shirts messes up the whole modesty concept. It is preferable to wear an outer garment outside, such as an abaya or jilbab, because even loose clothing is sometimes not Islamic enough.


  • Wear a loose hoodie over a shirt that’s too tight.
  • A mahram is someone you don’t have to wear a headscarf in front of, in the hijab sense. In this situation, a blood mahram is father, grandfather, great-grandfather and so on; brother; son, grandson, great-grandson;uncle,parents’ uncle, grandparents’ uncle and so on; nephew, grandnephew, great-grandnephew and so on. In-law mahrams are father-in-law; son-in-law; stepfather (mother’s husband) if their marriage is consummated; stepson (husband’s son) if her marriage is consummated. If you or your parent breaks their relationship with your father or spouse, and if you or your parent break your relationship with your stepmother, stepfather, or second husband, then your in-laws, steps, and husband (if you divorced him) become non mahram.
  • A long sleeved chiffon-type cloth for the shirt always looks modest. It won’t form fit, so there’s no ‘chest shape.’
  • Wear surma instead of eyeliner. It freshens up your eyes.
  • Wear pretty skirts or fashionable loose trousers in place of skinny jeans.
  • Make sure nothing of your body is showing but your face and hands.
  • Creativity is key to a modest but smart image.
  • Accessorize!
  • Make sure to stay clean as well. Cleanliness is a virtue!
  • Make sure to cover your ankles.
  • You may apply make up as long as you keep the look natural. If you don’t keep your intentions good, then it will be a sin.
  • Other people should be able to look at you respectfully or lower their gaze. You should be able to look at yourself with respect as well. If you can’t stop staring at yourself, this mean you’ve overdone it.
  • Make sure that no non mahram sees you violating the dress code. Even though your dad and brothers(only real ones)are mahram, you should dress modestly in front of them too, for respect.
  • Remember the wisdom behind the command of Allah to wear the hijab if you ever feel tempted to remove it.
  • Straight-leg jeans or pants can replace skinny jeans or pants.


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