26 July 2011

Kursus Pengendalian EduWeb TV

Tarikh : 25 - 26 Julai 2011
Masa : 8.00 pagi - 4.30 petang
Tempat : PKG Pasir Pekan
Status : Hadir

21 July 2011

Tarikh : 19 hingga 21 Julai 2011
Masa : 8.00 pagi - 4.30 petang
Tempat : PKG Tumpat.
Status : Hadir

07 July 2011

National Robotics Competition (NRIC)

Tarikh : 7 Julai 2011
Masa : 8.30 pagi - 4.30 petang
Tempat : Dewan SMK Berangan
Status : Hadir / AJK Kawalan

02 July 2011

Assembler A PC

01 July 2011

Example of Comparison on Hardware

New Product : Olympus PEN E-PL1

The Olympus PEN E-PL1, is Olympus Corporation's third camera that uses the Micro Four Thirds mount after the Olympus PEN E-P1 and Olympus PEN E-P2. It is the lowest cost Micro Four Thirds camera currently available, with a US dollar MSRP of $500 as of  June 2011. In terms of market, DPReview considers the E-PL1 more aimed at the point-and-shoot (compact camera) market, rather than the DSLR market (like the E-P1 & E-P2) – it is more of a large-sensor compact than a small format DSLR. The E-PL1 is easy to use in automatic mode, but due to the small number of dedicated dials and buttons, it can be more awkward to use in manual modes compared to a DSLR.
Avalible on : February 3, 2010

 Old Product : Olympus PEN E-P1

The design of the camera is reminiscent of the Olympus PEN half frame film cameras and is marketed as the Olympus digital PEN. The model  was very similar to the Olympus PEN F. Initially, two lenses were available from Olympus, one 14–42 mm f/3.5–5.6 zoom and a 17 mm f/2.8 pancake prime lens. In addition to Micro Four Thirds lenses, Olympus offers adapters allowing the use of Four Thirds lenses, or OM Zuiko lenses originally manufactured for use on the classic OM series of film SLR cameras that Olympus was famed for years ago.The E-P1 does not have an optical or electronic viewfinder and uses a live preview screen, although a detachable optical viewfinder is included in a kit also comprising the camera and the 17 mm lens. It autofocuses using contrast-detection autofocus or face detection in live view mode.
Avalible on : June 16, 2009

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